Viola Armstrong 60s. Neil Armstrong’s mother.
Salt of the earth Mid-Westerner. A face of kindness.
Quiet, modest but spine of steel, the one who holds the family together.

A curious mind, intellectual. Neil’s love of learning takes after her.

Steve Armstong 60s. Neil Armstrong’s father.
Salt of the earth Mid-Westerner. Warm, jovial, welcoming man. Gregarious and knows how to put people at ease. Strong sense of humour, proud of his son. A great storyteller who appreciates a good story.

Neil Armstrong 39/40. The All-American Hero. Also the most famous man on earth in 1969. Heroic but humble. Dry sense of wit. Calm, collected. Warm, genuine and curious about others and the world.

Anisha South Indian toddler at 7-8 months. Adorable, playful. Huge eyes, headful of curls. Loves to giggle.

Anisha South Indian 3-4 months newborn girl.