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Coffee Partners is a Toronto-based media company. The company was founded to share engaging stories with diversity and inclusion being written into its DNA. 





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A multidisciplinary artist who simultaneously pursues writing, producing, Social  Entrepreneurship, & performance while balancing the glamorous pro bono role of Domestic Engineer Of Child Development.


The short film ONE SMALL VISIT ( that she produced while in lockdown has won “Best International Short” at the LA Film Festival, qualifying the film for The Academy Awards and The Canadian Screen Awards with screenings at NASA Headquarters.


She has spoken on panels for international development concerning advocacy in the film industry, fighting for a more human-centred approach to filmmaking. She continues to advocate for gender equity pay and safety strategies in filmmaking. She was invited to the Kennedy Center to teach a masterclass on producing to assist in the democratization of information in the film industry.


In addition, Morgan has successfully launched a social enterprise LES WOO (, a vegan cosmetic & lifestyle brand that promotes female-centric storytelling and donates to Inspectional Rape crisis centers. She is currently developing a feature film, pitching a TV Series with her creative partners Monday Morning Media, and directing a short.



Mac is one of the founding members of Coffee Partners Media. He had a twenty-year career in finance and government in Canada and the USA before launching a global equity hedge fund.



In hindsight, that was a bad idea.


Mac has written the pilot's script for TFW, a comedy about an ex-con. He also produced One Small Visit, which won Best Foreign Film at LA Shorts in 2022




He holds an MBA in Finance from McMaster University.


(Kidnap Capital, Orphan Black, Pure) is a Toronto-based, multi-ethnic (Mexican-Italian-Yaqui) actor, producer and writer, and resident Acting Coach at LB Acting Studio, through which she is one of the city’s most in-demand acting coaches.

Michelle was one of the producers of the short film Withheld, which won Best Canadian Short at the Whistler Film Festival in 2015.

Michelle is also one of the founding artistic directors of LES WOO, which raises money to create more female-identified and BIPOC content in the Canadian Market, as well as spearheading the BIPOC Committee at the LB Acting Studios in Toronto.

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